The aim of this site is to create a digital repository of the Comics Fanzines published in the UK .

These fan publications contained work by artists and writers who would sometimes move into, and shape , the industry that they loved.

Equally, they contain work by people who simply appreciated the sense of community offered by taking part in fandom, and who may now look back fondly on a hobby no longer followed.

These fanzines were printed in very limited numbers, sometimes as few as 50 copies, and have become quite rare over the years.

I hope to use this site to celebrate these publications, and the people who produced and contributed to them. Please note that the archived zines are read only, and are not available for distribution.

This site has a limited number of pages, so I've added an overflow site, to accommodate the growing volume of zines that I want to make available to read. You can access this extra resource by clicking on the button to the left, underneath my photo.

David Hathaway-Price

For health reasons I’m going to take things slow and steady this year, but if possible, I want to publish two issues of FANSCENE. The first of these issues is planned to be a celebration of Strip zines, Comix, and the small press. If you produced, were involved with, (or are now producing) a strip based fanzine over the last 50 years and have a story to tell, please get in touch. I’d also really like to see people update or revisit characters they created years ago, and depict them with their current skill level, or produce tribute pieces of other people’s creations. Deadline for this issue (7) will be April 30th, so a good three months to work on your contribution. Hopeful publication date being the end of May.

I’d like issue 8 to be a celebration of all things ‘Fantasy Advertiser’, as 2021 will mark ten years since the last Print issue of the zine appeared. The title itself straddles the whole history of British comics fandom, and I’d love to involve as many people who loved the zine as possible, be it staff, contributors, readers or rivals. Deadline for this issue will be June 30th, for a publication date of early August. As this is being announced so early, it means that people have six months to work on their articles, so hopefully plenty of time for everyone who wants to contribute to put something together.


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