The aim of this site is to create a digital repository of the Comics Fanzines published in the UK .

These fan publications contained work by artists and writers who would sometimes move into, and shape , the industry that they loved.

Equally, they contain work by people who simply appreciated the sense of community offered by taking part in fandom, and who may now look back fondly on a hobby no longer followed.

These fanzines were printed in very limited numbers, sometimes as few as 50 copies, and have become quite rare over the years.

I hope to use this site to celebrate these publications, and the people who produced and contributed to them. Please note that the archived zines are read only, and are not available for distribution.

David Hathaway-Price


Celebrating over 50 years of Comics Fandom

A mere matter of weeks after the publication of the last issue, I’m proud to present FANSCENE issue four.


Behind a gorgeous FIREBALL XL5 cover by fan legend Mark Ammerman and inking royalty Carlos Garzón, this issue pays tribute to Stan Lee and Mike Noble.

John Freeman, Lew stringer, Steve Holland, and Norman Boyd share their thoughts on    the sublime talents of Mike Noble, while Robert Menzies, Kyle Andrews, and Dave Hornsby pay tribute to Stan Lee and the profound affect he had on them.

Aside from the tributes, there are articles on Beater Readers by Jason R. Mink (of Old Guys Who Like Old Comics fame), Richard Sheaf looks at the Dan Dare fan publication            SPACESHIP AWAY, and Peter Duncan recalls the time when Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's Thor shared a comic with Dan Dare.

Robert Menzies also provides us with an interview he conducted with MARVEL U.K. legend Alan Murray, and also a review of the 2018 Anima/Manga Rai-Con,  aided and abetted by a young man called Lewis.

On the strip front, Mark Wayne Barrett, Neal Burton et al, bring us the 2nd half of ‘GOT IT TOGETHER AGAIN’, and Nick Neocleous turns his skills to The Guardian.

The zine is rounded off with a number of illustrations, provided by Myself, Dave Hornsby, Andy Williams, Steve Poulacheris, Joe Matthews, Jay Slack and Bill Naylor.

Issue 5 Will celebrate 80 years of BATMAN. Contributions please by December 1st.


Celebrating over 50 years of Comics Fandom

Following the publication of issue 1, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of KA-POW, and issue 2, which celebrated the first British Comics Convention, issue 3 celebrates the publication of the first issue of... VAMPIRELLA…? Yes, I know the character isn’t British, but really, who could resist the opportunity?

This issue of FANSCENE primarily takes a look at several of the APAs that used to be published in the U.K., including BAPA, XAP, DAPA and MIRACLE. Not a comprehensive list by any means, but a nice little snapshot of a subsection of fandom that gets far too little attention.


Sporting a lovely painted VAMPIRELLA cover by Nick Neocleous, and superb pin-ups by Richard Baker, Martin Hand, Dave Hornsby, Andy Williams, Joe Matthews,and Ken Simpson, the zine also includes articles, and tributes to Terry Wiley, Stan Lee, Ernie Colon, and Steve Ditko.


Nick also turns the Fan Spotlight on Guy Lawley, and presents a classic, previously unpublished strip (ZIP NEWTON) by himself and Guy.


Strips feature heavily this issue; we have the first part of ‘GOT IT TOGETHER AGAIN’ by Mark Wayne Barrett, Neal Burton et al, ‘THE FLY’ and ‘JUSTICE LORD’ by Robbie Sutton, ‘devoid of character’ by Roger Gibson (all from the pages of XAP / EARLY SPRING and thus criminally underseen), ‘ALF PRICE’ by Mike Teague, ‘3 PANEL STRIPS’ by Jay Slack, a tribute to Ditko’s       ‘I USED TO BE HUMAN’ by Floyd Hughes, and ‘TURTLE SOUP’ (another slice of Comic Shop inspired madness) by Nick Neocleous.

The 'MOBILE' version is small enough to be viewed on line, while the main          'FANSCENE 3' link takes you to a version that is best downloaded and viewed on a desktop device. 

I hope you enjoy this free version. If you do — please consider making a small donation to the charity of your choice.


Celebrating  50 years of U.K. Comics Conventions

Announcing FANSCENE 2, a free 212 page PDF fanzine that continues to celebrate over fifty years of Comics Fandom in Ireland and the UK. The focus of this issue is on Comic Conventions; from the very first held in Birmingham and organised by Phil Clarke, through the glory days of UKCAC, to the wide range of events that are being held today.


The zine also pays tribute to some of the giants of the industry, who we've sadly lost  this year.

This issue features work by: 

Mark Ammerman * Kyle Andrews * Enrico Ariis * Joy Barrett * Mark Wayne Barrett *  Richard Bruton * Nick Buchanan * Neil Burton * Dan Butcher * Les Chester *  Jenni Cole *  Nevs Coleman * Richard Crouch * Steve Dillon *         

Tony Esmond * Glenn Fleming * Carlos Garzón * Trevor Goring * Ron Hall *           David Hathaway-Price * Stephen Hooker *  Dave Hornsby * Paul Hudson*

Floyd Hughes * Trevor Hughes * Iskander Islam * Jonny Kurzman *   Manny Maris * Joe Matthews * Harry McAvinchey * John McShane *   Robert Menzies *                  Glenn Miller * Bill Naylor * Nick Neocleous * Adrien Perkins *   Steve Poulacheris * Luke Rainford * Estelle Riviere * Sean Roberts *   Anthony Roche *  Bun Sakashita * Richard Sheaf  * Jay Slack * Mike Teague * Mort Todd * Alan Roman Walsh *          Steve Whitaker * Andy Williams

The 'MOBILE' version is small enough to be viewed on line, while the main          'FANSCENE 2' link takes you to a version that is best downloaded and viewed on a desktop device. 

A printed version will be available to purchase from me in due course (depending on interest and demand).

I hope you enjoy this free version. If you do — please consider making a small donation to the charity of your choice.


Celebrating over 50 years of Comics Fandom


By Frank Dobson - 1965

Two years before Anthony Roche published Merry Marvel Fanzine in Ireland (and later Heroes Unlimited), and Phil Clarke and Steve Moore published Ka-Pow, in the UK, Frank Dobson produced this Ad zine. Basically, his listings of comics for sale.

This 'zine' consists of five pages, including printed pages, a carbon copy, and two pages of lists that look to be handwritten in blue ink.

Whether or not this is how all of the first issues looked when distributed (I suspect it was only given to a handful of people), or if it's Frank's own master copy, I have no idea.

You can find a PDF of the original scans, as well as the usual 'Presentation' version on the FANTASY ADVERTISER page.

it's a real bit of UK zine history, and not one I ever thought that I would find.

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